At the time of writing, Ember CLI requires the user to adjust entries in bower.json and node.json if they would like to use more current stable Ember versions than Ember.js 1.13.8.

A comment by Stefan Penner links blueprints one can use for bower.json and package.json. Those blueprints list current stable working versions of the default packages typically installed when setting up an Ember app with the Ember CLI. I tried setting up a new Ember app with updated files and the blueprints are working just fine for me.

The following is a procedure for setting up a new Ember app with the current Bower components and Node modules.

We start out creating the app and deleting the default Bower and Node package versions:

ember new my_ember_frontend
cd my_ember_frontend
rm -R bower_components/*
rm -R node_modules/*

Then we replace the contents of bower.json with the contents of this bower.json and we replace the contents of package.json with the contents of this package.json.

In the package.json, we need to insert the version number of the Ember CLI we use into the line "ember-cli": "<%= emberCLIVersion %>", between the second pair of quotation marks.

We can mention the name of our app in both files in the respective entry. Also, we can add version and description of our app to the respective lines in the package.json.

Now we can

bower install
npm install

and we have created a new Ember app with Ember CLI using current stable packages.

Thanks to Diego Poza, the author of this article, for initial instructions!